Characteristics of a Industrial Engineer in Ready-made Garment Industry

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Industrial engineer is the root of any manufacturing industry. For higher and qualified production industrial engineer should have some quality. Which influences in all operation in a factory. Characteristics of industrial engineer are point out below.

  1. Education:
  2. Practical Experience:
  3. Personal Qualities:
  • Sincerity & honesty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Tact/Diplomacy
  • Good Appearance
  • Self confidence


1. Education:

Good secondary education with an aptitude for matriculation, formal education in engineering disciplines preferred.


2. Practical Experience:

Should  include a period of working within one or more of the process within our industry.


3. Personal Qualities:

…………Sincerity & honesty

The work study person must be sincere and honest; only if this is the case will he or she gain the confidence and respect of those with whom he or she will work.


He or she must be really keen on the job, believe in the importance of what he or she is doing and be able to transmit enthusiasm to the people round about.


Tact in dealing with people comes from understanding them and not to wishing to hurt their feelings by unkind or thoughtless words, even when these may be justified. Without tact no Work-Study person is going to get very far.

…………..Good Appearance

The person must be neat & tidy & look efficient. This will inspire confidence among the people with whom he or she has to work.

……………Self confidence

This can only come with good training and experience of applying work-study successfully. The work study practitioner must be able to stand up to top management, supervisors or workers in defense of his or her opinions and findings, and to do so in such a way that will respect and not give offence.



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