Consideration for Selection of Method Study

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Method Study
Method study is the process of subjecting work to systematic, critical scrutiny to make it more effective and/or more efficient. It is one of the keys to achieving productivity improvement.

It was originally designed for the analysis and improvement of repetitive manual work but it can be used for all types of activity at all levels of an organisation.

Selection of the Job for Method Study

Cost is the main criteria for selection of a job, process and department for methods analysis. To carry out the method study, a job is selected such that the proposed method achieves one or more of the following results:

  • Improvement in quality with lesser scrap.
  • Increased production through better utilisation of resources.
  • Elimination of unnecessary operations and movements.
  • Improved layout leading to smooth flow of material and a balanced production line.
  • Improved working conditions.


The job should be selected for the method study based upon the following considerations:

  1. Economic aspect
  2. Technical aspect, and
  3. Human aspect.

A. Economic Aspects
The method study involves cost and time. If sufficient returns are not attained, the whole exercise will go waste. Thus, the money spent should be justified by the savings from it. The following guidelines can be used for selecting a job:

  • Bottleneck operations which are holding up other production operations.
  • Operations involving excessive labour.
  • Operations producing lot of scrap or defectives.
  • Operations having poor utilisation of resources.
  • Backtracking of materials and excessive movement of materials.

B. Technical Aspects
The method study man should be careful enough to select a job in which he has the technical knowledge and expertise. A person selecting a job in his area of expertise is going to do full justice.

Other factors which favour selection in technical aspect are:

  1. Job having in consistent quality.
  2. Operations generating lot of scraps.
  3. Frequent complaints from workers regarding the job.

C. Human Considerations
Method study means a change as it is going to affect the way in which the job is done presently and is not fully accepted by workman and the union. Human considerations play a vital role in method study. These are some of the situations where human aspect should be given due importance:

  1. Workers complaining about unnecessary and tiring work.
  2. More frequency of accidents.
  3. Inconsistent earning.


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