General Sewing Data (GSD) | Benefits of GSD

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General Sewing Data:
GSD – General Sewing Data – is the ultimate in standard data.

GSD is so effective, the system is the accepted international standard for methods – time measurement for the needle industry.

In the sewn-products industry, some 80% of the cost is committed at the design sampling stage. GSD gives your facility a costing tool that allows you to accurately predict the best known methods of manufacturing prior to production. The system provides for the management of all operation standards and the basis of rapid labor cost estimating.


GSD creates a “discipline” for your facility – a common standard language for engineering, pre-costing, and productivity applicable to every phase of your operation.

The GSD practitioner training includes comprehensive exposure to the GSD codes, times and application rules – and theoretical and practical visualisation exercises reinforce the need for accurate and consistent Work Measurement, continuous improvement and adherence to the industrial engineering guidelines laid down by the International Labour Organisation, Geneva.

Simplicity and Accuracy with GSD:
GSD is a computerized standard data system developed specifically for the sewn-products industry. The statistically validated elemental codes, constructed from a unique MTM™ (Methods Time Measurement) CORE DATA, represents a simple, universal language which is easy to learn and communicate.

The same simple codes can be fine-tuned to meet with any level of engineered methods, thus ensuring fast, consistent application with MTM-level accuracy. This is true whether the system is used in high-fashion or large volume/repetitive manufacturing environments.

Used as a predictive management tool, GSD provides the “Just in Time” (JIT) technology so critical in today’s highly charged manufacturing environment. In case after case, GSD has helped facilities realize payback/return on investment (ROI) as soon as the system is installed. In fact, GSD’s cost – savings have been measured up to 26 percent. (Realization of a six-month payback requires only a three-percent saving in direct labor payroll.) An intangible benefit is the “awareness” that management, supervisors and operators gain due to changes in design, material, volume, technique and quality, all of which can be quantified in the GSD specification.


Benefits of GSD:

  1. Substantial time reduction for style costing and style introduction.
  2. Rapid quantification of changes in design, materials, volume, technique and quality.
  3. Improvement in overall consistency rates.
  4. Reduction of off-standard/average payments.
  5. Evaluation and justification of new equipment methods.
  6. Setting and pre-engineering of consistent and accurate rates.
  7. Elimination of lost business caused by overpricing of jobs.
  8. Elimination of lost income caused by underpricing of jobs.
  9. Overall management of manufacturing standards data base.
  10. Data transfer capabilities to other systems.
  11. Efficiency of operator training via method specification.
  12. Reduction of clerical time.


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