History of Work-Study in Bangladesh: 

Mr. F.W. Taylor who is called the father of scientific management is the founder of Work-Study.During the Second World War USA needed so many arms within a short time. Then Mr. F.W. Taylor applied Work-Study method to make many arms in short time and got tremendous result. After that Work-Study is being used in everywhere. Now it’s circumference is getting larger day by day.

Mr. Keith Harding from England started Work-Study in Youngone, Chittagong in 1991. He started with only three members Mr. S. Chowdhury, Mr. Aminul Haque & Mr. Ahsanul Haque by named. (Now they have become Director Global Prod, Deputy General manager & Factory Manager respectively.) Now about two hundred members are working with Work-Study in youngone, Chittagong. It’s contributing very well to increase the productivity in Bangladesh.

Introduction to Work-Study:

Management frequently calls on specialists to assist it in improving productivity. One of the most powerful tools they can use is that of Work-Study.

When management calls on Work-Study in improving productivity then they aims at

  1. 1.      Examining the way an activity is being carried out
  2. 2.      Simplifying or modifying the method
  3. 3.      Reduce unnecessary or excess work
  4. 4.      Wasteful use of resources and
  5. 5.      Setting up a time standard for performing that activity.

The relation between Work-Study and Productivity is obvious. If Work-Study can reduce/ cutting down of an activity by 20%, merely as a result of

Rearranging the sequence or

Modifying or simplifying the method of operation Without


Then productivity will go up/ increase 20 %.

Definition of Work Study:

Work-Study is the systematic examination of the methods of carrying out activities so as to improve  the effective use of resources & to establish standards of performance for those activities.

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