Importance of Work-Study

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Without measurements, there can be no management and if the measurements are inaccurate there can be mismanagement. When it comes to measuring the standard times of various operations in the needle trade, work-study is a powerful tool.

There is nothing new about the investigation & improvement of operations at the work place; good managers have been investigating and improving ever since human effort was first organized on a large scale. Managers of outstanding ability – geniuses – have always been able to make notable advances. Unfortunately, no country seems to have an adequate supply of competent managers. The prime value of Work-Study lies in the fact that by carrying out its systematic procedures, a manager can achieve results as good as or better than the less systematic genius was able to do in the past.

We have now discussed, very briefly, some aspects of the nature of Work-Study and why it is such a valuable “tool” of management. There are other reasons to be added to the above. These may be summarized as follows:

  1. 1.      It is a means of raising the productivity of a plant or operating unit by the reorganization of work, a method that normally involves little or no capital expenditure on facilities and equipment.
  2. 2.      It is systematic. This ensures that no factor affecting the efficiency of an operation is overlooked, whether in analyzing the original practices or in developing the new, and that all the facts about that operation are available.
  3. 3.      It is the most accurate means yet evolved of setting standards of performance, on which the effective planning and control of production depends.
  4. 4.      It can contribute to the improvement of safety and working conditions at work by exposing hazardous operations and developing safe methods of performing operations.
  5. 5.      The savings resulting from properly applied work study start at once and continue as long as the operation continues in the improved form.
  6. 6.      It is a “tool” which can be applied everywhere. It can be use with success wherever work is done or plant is operated, not only in only in manufacturing shops but also in offices, stores, laboratories and service industries such as wholesale and retail distribution and restaurants and on farms.
  7. 7.      It is relatively cheap and easy to apply.
  8. 8.      It is one of the most penetrating tools of investigation available to management. This makes it an excellent weapon for starting an attack on inefficiency in any organization since, in investigating one set of problems; the weaknesses of all the other functions affecting them will gradually be laid bare.


The garment industry is still majorly working without this technique, but if we want to organize ourselves and want to have precision logic based rational planning as opposed to experience based then we have to adopt and make use of such a logic based technique.



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