Job Responsibility of Quality Supervisor in RMG Industry

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Job Responsibility of Quality Supervisor
In a shop floor each staff including line supervisors have a set of job responsibilities. When supervisors’ performance need to be measured or assessed, there must be a defined key responsibility areas for them.

Quality Supervisors widely vary depending on organization structure. Small and unorganized garment manufacturers still don’t have industrial engineering (IE) department that Quality Supervisor in quality preparations.

Factories those have established industrial engineering department production preparation is done by IEs. And Supervisor’s responsibilities are reduced many times.

In this article, I have listed down most common job responsibilities of quality supervisors. This list is made considering that there is no presence of Industrial Engineering department in the factory.

Job Roll of Quality Supervisor
Documents need:

1. Style file 

  • Contract seal comments
  • PP meeting minutes
  • Trim card

2. Contract seal sample
3. Updated mails (by quality in charge)

Line feeding:

  • Participate to the PP meeting.
  • Checking the contract seal sample with contract comments & style file, in order to match the correct constructions according to comments & style file.
  • Participate to the technical meeting.
  • Prepare component measurement sheet.
  • Check machine requirements of the style.
  • Fill the feeding check list sheet.

Technical supervisor is giving instructions of the operation & complete a piece. Then MO has to complete 5 pieces. It should be checked & fill the feeding check list sheet. When there is damage in one piece, it should be corrected & write on the check list sheet regarding that issue.When there is damage than in one piece, should give instructions to correct it & MO has to complete 5 pieces again. Quality supervisor should check it until the operation is corrected until the all 5 pieces finishes.

Has to follow contract seal sample & comments

  • Prepare mock up sheet & approve it.
  • Check again the corrected operations which were highlighted before.
  • Give quality checking instruction sheet to back table, mid table & end line table checkers.

Should follow style file & contract seal sample.

  • Give instructions of label attaching to MO.
  • First 10 garments of the line out should measure, check & fill the hourly measurement audit sheet.
  • Send these 10 garments to wash.
  • After receiving, the wash garments should measure & check the quality.

Daily rutting:

  • Every morning, should check the absenteeism of the line & operators who has been replaced instead of absentees.
  • Every morning machine requirement of the operations should be checked.
  • Do the SPC (Statistic Process Control)
  • Monitor the end line & mid line hourly.
  • Measure & check 10 garments per day hourly (random selection)
  • Send 6 above mentioned garments to wash (GAP).
  • Measuregarments at after wash& after iron.
  • Check them at after measure by the finishing department.
  • Fill the hourly measurement audit sheet also for washed garments.
  • When there is measurement problem, inform to the quality in charge.
  • When there are colour shades of the garment, it should be informed to the QC in – charge & check and get the approval for those colour shades.
  • Send QC to finishing Div. 3 times per day to check the quality of washed garments.
  • Do random checking in the line.
  • When it`s need needle holes (special requirements), should put the needle change report.
  • When it has button attach on the garment, has to follow bingo card by the MO (for clear buttons)
  • At the colour changes, it should send 10 garments for wash & measure it.
  • Hang green band on the loop for dead damages.
  • Maintain the uneven foundation of the garments (waist band).


  • Lot audit passing (workman ship)
  • Maintain 97% FPY (First Pass Yield)
  • Should have 95% pass rate of before wash audit (10 pieces from a bin is auditing)


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