Job Roles of Industrial Engineer in Apparel Industry

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Industrial Engineers have a bigger role in managing manufacturing processes rather than daily use of IE tools. In daily schedule they do constant monitoring of all production processes and lot more as below.


Daily Routing:

1. Check the absenteeism of the line & balance the line for actual cadre with running efficiency level.

  • It should be filling for agreed layout of cadre.

2. Prepare incentives of the line & show it to the line.

3. Fill the reason & transferring form of previous day.

  • Need to highlight factory loss hours & accuracy.

4. Participate to daily forecast meeting at 9.00 A.M.

5. Do capacity study for replaced operators, if they are not performing to meet the target.

6. Do the production study for bottle neck operations.

  • Arrange the handling.
  • Reduce the unnecessary motions.
  • Do the production study for 30 minutes.
  • Fill the production/time study sheet.
  • End of the study, show it to the operator & sign it.

7. Interview the new recruitments.

8. Improve the methods of operations according to the GSD pattern.


Monthly Routing:

1. List the machine requirement by calculating & send it to the work study officer in planning.

  • Should do for all styles of next month plan at 25th of the month.

2. End of the 2nd week; prepare the machine requirement of the next 2 weeks by considering the revision of the plan& give it to the work study officer in planning.

3. Do grading for operators & for helpers.

  • Do it for after 6 months.
  • For new operators – after 3 months.


For New Style:

1. After receive the production plan, get the style file & check it with the approved sample.

  • Revise the operations of style file if need, inform it to GSD cell & get the final style file.

2. Participate to PP meeting.

3. Participate to technical meeting.

  • Discuss technical issues & methods of sewing

4. Prepare the machine layout.

  • Consider the details which were discussed at the technical meeting.
  • That should prepare to achieve the 100% efficiency.

5. Arrange the layout meeting.

  • Discuss the operations & operators who are suitable for the operations according to the machine layout.

6. 1 1/2 days before of the line feeding should prepare the feeding plan & give it to technical department & to production supervisor.

  • For prepare that need the WIP of previous day.

7. Arrange the machines according to the machine layout.

8. Check the thread consumption of the bulk out put of1stday.

  • Check the threads which relevant to the operation with the thread sheet.
  • When there is revising of threads should inform to the GSD cell.

9. At the 4th day of after line feeding, do capacity checks for each operator & for helper.

  • Fill& issue the line bar chart sheet.
  • Should achieve the planning peak efficiency level.
  • Identify the critical operations & balance it with the operators & helpers.

10. Do the production study, if necessary & prove the capacity.

11. If there is a critical operation which has not been achieved the SMV, it should bring the motions of the operation from GSD cell.

  • If it is need to revise the motions, inform it to the GSD cell.

There are many more jobs for which engineers are responsible. If any project is being implemented in a factory related to production engineers lead the project.

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