Method Study in Apparel Industry

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Method Study

Method study is more of a systematic approach to job design than a set of techniques. It is defined as the systematic recording and critical examination of existing and proposed methods of doing work, as a means of developing and applying easier and more effective methods and reducing costs.

According to AHUJA, “It is the study of work (method) for a job to achieved process improvement, improve layout, improve design, better working environment, and reducing fatigue.

Objectives of Method study

  1. Improvement of processes and procedures
  2. Improvement in the design of plant and equipment
  3. Improvement of layout
  4. Improvement in the use of men, materials and machines
  5. Economy in human effort and reduction of unnecessary fatigue
  6. Improvement in safety standards
  7. Development of better working environment.

Pre-Requisites of method improvement

1.      Systematic and continuous production flow:It needs continuous production for long time then it is possible to do proper analysis by taking sufficient time for improving method. If production is done for short period of time in that case this type of analysis is not effective.

2.      Specific standard:  If we want modification of existing method or want to develop new method in that case analysis need standard materials process, machine, working atmosphere, etc otherwise improvement process will be hampered.

3.      Financial strength: Different types of research analysis are needed for developing method. In that case, sufficient amount of money is needed for doing the method improvement.

4.      Specialization:Expert or experience technologists are needed for doing method analysis. If we want to get real improvement of method.

5.      Managerial co-operation:As analysis or research needed money. So it requires co-operation from the top management. As well as managers of different departments.

Steps of Method Study

1.      Method: It is the systematic and scientific analysis of department or section, layout of machines, transportation of goods or materials and movement of employees for developing the method.

2.      Motion: It is the systematic and scientific analysis of the movement of employees, movement of different parts of human being and movement of machines for developing the motion.

3.      Micro motion: It is the details and scientific analysis of arms of the employees for developing the speed of the arms movement of the employees.


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