Operation Breakdown of Garment

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Operation Breakdown:
Breakdown is a listing of the content of a job by elements. A garment consists of some parts & some group of operations. Breakdown means to writing down all parts & all process/operation after one another lying with the complete garment according to process sequence.
Prior to defining SAM of the garment, detailed operation break-down is made by engineer. Both manual and machine operations are included in the operation list. It is a must to write down the estimated SMV & type of machine beside each & every process.

Breakdown Procedure:

  1. APM, Technician Chief & Work-Study officer must sit together to make breakdown.
  2. Technician breaks the garments into parts and gathered the parts one after another by operation/Process.
  3. Then Work-Study officer & APM fix up the SMV of those operation
  4. By preceding this technique when all process completed need to summarize all process SMV and the total will be called as respective garment’s SMV.


Benefit of Breakdown:

  1. Can see the all operations of the garment at a time.
  2. Can anticipate the difficulties of doing critical operation
  3. Can make layout in a easy, simple & less time consuming way
  4. Can calculate the SMV for target setting & equal time distribution to the operator during layout.
  5. Easy to select right operator for right process.
  6. Can know the quantity & types of machine to make the garment required.
  7. Can easily achieve the production target within a very short period.
  8. Can be conscious about quality for fill up the buyers standard
  9. Can know about additional guide, folder & attachment.

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