Role of Work-study to get Higher Productivity in RMG Industry

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Work study is old as an industry itself. It is the management technique that investigate all the factor effecting the efficiency and economy of the organization in order to make improvement. Work study is the mean of enhancing the (productivity) of the firm by elimination of waste and unnecessary operations, reducing cost, standardized the method and time for doing a task etc.


Role of Work-study to get Higher Productivity:

Work study department works as a wing of production department. So they can help them various away & their help can give the extra benefit to achieve floor management’s target. They are point out below:


Operator Recruitment:

Operator recruitment is very important task & it can do properly a work-study officer by grading system so that floor management can understand about the operators easily.

Paper Layout & Machine Requirement:

Work study officer break-downs the garments process to process & find out SMV & distribute the process to the operators on the basis of smv (P.T, UCL&LCL). Work study officer distribute the process according to sequence & he try to keep the works balance in his layout by using appropriate machine including attachments.  This task is very helpful for the floor management.

Line Balancing & Monitoring:

After input issue in the production line work study officer check the line capacity & operator individuals’ capacity. Work study officers find out the bottleneck position of the line & solve or balance the line so that line can give the output smoothly and they also do production study for the selected operators to ensure their production. Over all line all time monitor by the work study officer & they find out the problem & solve the problem from the line.

Efficiency% calculation & incentive scheme:

Work study officer calculate the line, floor & factory efficiency & inform to the production people so that they can realize their present position & understand where they have to go. Work study officer gives advice to production people or floor management how they can get incentive.


Work study officer motivate the line chief, supervisor & operator for higher productivity & proper use of resources. They also motivate the floor management to follow the modern method to achieve the target.

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