Worker Rating in Textile Industry

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Rating is the assessment of the worker rate of working relative to the observer’s concept of the rate corresponding to standard pace. It is the evaluation or assessment of something, in terms of quality (as with a critic rating a novel), quantity (as with an athlete being rated by his or her statistics), or some combination of both.

Rating Scale:

  • 60—80
  • 75—100
  • 100—135
  • 0—100(British standard, ILO Certified)

Details of British standard rating scale:

  • 0= No activity.
  • 1—50= Very slow, clumsy, operator appears to be half asleep, fumbling     movement, weak and no interest in the job.
  • 51—75= Trying to get output but for their handling problem, less attentiveness they cannot make sure the quality and output also.
  • 76—100= very faster than other operators. They are working with their 100% concentration and make the garment with satisfactory quality and quantity level.

Factors affecting the rating:

  • The study person should be careful not to rate too highly when:
  • The worker is worried or looks hurried.
  • The worker is obviously being over careful.
  • The job seems to be difficult to the study person.
  • The study person is working very fast as when recording a short element study.

The study person should be careful not to be rate too low when:

  • The job looks easy.
  • The worker is using smooth rhythmic movement.
  • The worker does not pause to think when the study person expects this.
  • The worker is performing heavy manual work.
  • The study person is tired.


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