Workplace Layout in Garment Industry

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Workplace Layout:

Layout means to distribute/allocate elements (Seequencely) to the individual operator in the line by considering total worker, worker experience, total machine, types of machine & mainly the estimated SMV of allocated/distributed elements in a broken down garments. A good layout is that physical arrangement, which permits the product to be produced with minimum unit cost in the shortest time.

The management wants to fit as many machines in the factory as possible, reducing the scope for methods improvement. The space between machines is insufficient in many cases.  A good workplace layout will eliminate unnecessary motions and fatigue resulting in substantial increase in the efficiency of the operator. Untitled Workplace Layout in Garment Industry

Just look at the picture alongside and think how efficiently you will be able to work 8 hours a day sitting in that posture.

Layout Procedure

1st Step:

  • Responsible person for layout making:
  • APM
  • Team Leader Technician
  • Work-Study Member

2nd Step:

  • To select line
  • To select style
  • To confirm total operator

3rd Step:

  • To breakdown the garments, elements by elements
  • To put estimated SMV beside each elements/operation
  • To calculate total SMV
  • To select machine type & number
  • To calculate average estimated SMV/Operator
  • To select right operator for right operation/elements according to performance.
  • To distribute/allocate elements (sequencly) to each operator by considering machine types, elements & estimated average (nearest) SMV.
  • To set up machine as per requirements.
  • It is mentionable that workflow should be forward direction.

Benefit of Layout

  1. The process distribution / work content will be quite equivalent
  2. Usually an unexpected type of bottle neck will not be found in line
  3. No operator will be idle
  4. Can achieve the Buyer’s desire quality level easily
  5. Can reach the optimum target with in a very short period


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